A fatal experiment wiped out millions……and killed the Man who invented the remedy……..Millions of unaware victims will die this year……Millions will be saved by the remedy…….HOW SAFE ARE YOU?

This fatal experiment was the thing called; “SIN”

The remedy was the death of the Innocent One, Jesus Christ.


There are TWO main reasons why God used the cross:



The cross simple became God’s chosen means of winning men and women to His love.


To anyone watching the event, it was a disaster. Jesus had failed! On the other hand, if he really was the Messiah, choosing to die on man’s behalf, one could draw several startling conclusions.

1 – Sin must be a tremendously important matter.

Sin required Jesus death. And He died because sin was curable. When does a doctor operate? When there is hope! Certainly not, when it is hopeless! So sin is neither hopeless nor incurable, otherwise He would never have died. For sin to be grappled with successfully, God Himself must come right into it.


The agony of a public death meant that witness of it could be borne without the shadow of doubt. It was to become the pivot of history. Consequently we know more about the details of those hours leading upto and during the death of Jesus than we know about the death of any other person in all the ancient World.

In the 10th century Apaplus wrote: “We have found in many books of the philosophers that they refer to the day of the crucifixion of Christ.” source:(Pines, Shlomo, Professor of Philosophy at Hebrew University, Jerusalem; David Flusser, professor at Hebrew University, New York Times press release, Feb. 12, 1972, carried by Palm Beach Post-Times, Feb.13, 1972, “Christ Documentation:Israeli Scholars Find Ancient Document They Feel Confirms the Existence of Jesus.”)

And elsewhere, statements from Tacitus, Josephus and the Jewish Talmuds, all relate to this event.

2 – The cross proved God’s love.

His death answered the question as to whether the Father and Son had sufficient love for mankind to exercise self-denial and a spirit of sacrifice, so that humans could be saved. He who calmed angry waves and walked the foam-capped billows, who made devils tremble and disease flee, who opened blind eyes and called dead men to life…offers Himself upon the cross as a sacrifice. He endures the penalty of divine justice for our sake….. His death proves His love.

3 – It proved who it was that cared.


>For thousands of years, the forces of evil had been in a tussle for the control of the human race….Our mind to be precise. It was claimed by the prophets that behind man’s rebellion were evil entities. They had denied God’s truthfulness and His concern for His subjects. Having initially rebelled against the government of heaven, they had been cast out. Rather than destroy them there and then (which could have been misunderstood), God decided to fight the rebellion with LOVE.


>Lucifer, their leader, it was held, had shifted his battlefield to planet Earth – and led our first parents into rebellion. “Go it alone,” he urged. “Be independent. You don’t need God.” And we fell for it.


>When the rebellion began, it seemed incredible that sin could be as dangerous as God said it was. But when the universe saw the centuries of hatred, heartache and death on planet Earth, they began to understand. They watched Lucifer’s (Satan’s) kingdom in operation.


>Then they saw God’s Son enter this enemy territory to save mankind. He lived and suffered with us – showing us by His example how to overcome. Then He went to the cross. That showed the value God had placed upon men and women. It was the ultimate evidence of God’s great love.


>But Satan’s unquenchable hatred toward the Son of God was revealed in the way he carefully planned the betrayal, mock trial and shameful crucifixion. This opened the eyes of the universe to his true criminal character. Heavenly beings were horror-stricken that Lucifer, a former one of their number, could fall so far as to be capable of such cruelty. He has revealed his true character as a liar and a murderer.


>So there is Lucifer, professing to be clothed in celestial light – yet with envy he exercises revenge on an innocent Person, against the Divine Son of God. Lucifer is discredited…..Jesus Christ vindicated. What a triumph!


>4 – It satisfied Divine Law (Ten Commandments) and established it as unchangeable.

The death of Jesus was a convincing argument that the Ten Commandments was as unchangeable as His Throne. The fact that God’s own Son, the surety for man, was not spared, testified that the Divine Law, which had been violated, could not be altered to save the sinner.


No, the violation of that Law must meet the penalty, death. Therefore, the justice of God must put to death His beloved Son who stood in the wrong-doer’s place. The Ten Commandments must stand as firm as the Throne of God – although the earth shake and the whole creation tremble – as the Son of God dies in agony.


>Justice demands that sin be not only pardoned, but that the death penalty must be executed. The very purpose of Jesus death was to secure pardon for the Law-Breaker, without destroying the Law! The death of Jesus is the mightest evidence of the Holiness of the Ten Commandments.


>This brings us on nicely to message to the Churches part two. Please do not skip the next parts…….