“If God is good, why is there suffering?”

This is a question that has been wrestled with by a great number of people over the centuries. There is no question that the world is filled with an appalling amount of evil and suffering. We are impacted by this reality every day on all levels. As such, it is not surprising that people have a difficult time reconciling this harsh reality with the idea of an all good, all powerful God. Many assume that the existence of evil disproves the existence of God.

The first thing to note is that the world isn’t as God wants it to be. When God created the world, everything was good! Sadly, most people—even Christians—have no ready answer to the question of death and suffering in the world. Only the Bible can explain why there is so much evil, pain & suffering in the World!

Please watch the following documentary & see who really is to blame for the problem of Evil…..Judge the evidence for yourself!