This is a honest question that most people would ask, concerning the Bible.

Thank you for visiting TRUEDISCOVERIES.ORG. At this site you will see 5 of the GREATEST ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES ever seen & which the World knows so little about. The discoveries and information on this website proves the Holy Bible (KJV version only) to be forensically accurate and perfectly reliable in every possible way and in every detail truthful, concerning the most important events in human history. This news will be shocking for some to accept! Sadly, throughout human history, the Bible has always come under attack & has been made to appear uninspired & no better than a storybook, by the dark powers that be! These discoveries refute those lies! Not only have these wonderful archaeological findings proven the Bible to be historically & archaeologically correct, but they have also proven that the Bible is no ordinary book.

All these 5 archaeological discoveries were found by a man named Ron Wyatt between the years 1972 – 1989, as God led him by the information contained in the Bible & providence. Since these discoveries have come to light, there has been a systematic attack on the credibility of these discoveries & the man who helped bring them to the attention of the World. God is, and has been revealing His treasury to mankind for quite awhile. God wishes none should perish and is trying to show the World that He is so much more than just a religion, He is a living reality!

Judge for yourself!…

All that we ask, is that you judge the evidence concerning these archaeological findings, for yourself! We have supplied as much factual & Scientific evidence as possible, so that you can make an informed decision based solely on the evidence presented. We have also added to this site an extensive section of FAQ’s & given logical solid answers to the critics of these discoveries. If you have any questions concerning the validity of these 5 amazing discoveries then please consultant this section of our website first, before emailing us with any questions.

Sadly, we have ALL been lied to concerning the existence of God. God has preserved these discoveries for this generation, as He knew that Mankind would slowly be deceived into forgetting about Him. Sadly, many are unaware that we are in a great battle between “Truth” & “Error” & whichever path we choose in this warfare, will ultimately determine our Salvation. These discoveries are one of Gods great Army of truths which is being shown to the World in these last days, to help people make a decision to either believe that there is a living & loving God who sent His Son to die for our sins, or to reject Him. There is no middle ground!

For those who’s Christian faith have been undermined by the erroneous teachings of evolution, corrupted sciences & false religious teachers, then this website is also for you! We understand how you feel & we hope to help confirm the faith of millions, with these amazing archaeological discoveries. We want to give you hope to trust in the Word of the living God only & walk in humble obedience before Him.

A Final Thought…

In today’s World, it is getting increasingly difficult to trust in anything or anyone. Again, please take the time to look at all the evidence presented to you, before jumping to any conclusions. We are not here to deceive anyone. Our motto is simple; “Judge The Evidence For Yourself!”

We would also like to add that TrueDiscoveries.org is not loyal to any Religious denomination or organizations. We are only loyal to “Truth”. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy what you see, read & watch, on this site.

ps: A quick note about the Bible:- The original authorized “King James Version” is the only translation that has not used the fake codaces (Sinaiticus, Alexandrinus & Vaticanus), or was “edited” by individuals or orgainzations who slated their translation. For more information about this please click here.