The following messages are designed for those who are serious about their walk with God. As time passes by, there are many messages contained in the Bible which warn the Church & the World that Jesus is coming back real soon to deal with sin & sinners and to take those people who have followed Him in humble obedience, back home.

In today’s Christendom, God is not happy with how His so-called professed people have represented Him & His truths, in these vital times. This is evident by the lack of the Holy Spirit in the lives of many professed Christians. The wilful disobedience displayed by many, the lack of moral power seen in the lives of many Christians & the general stupor seen and felt in the Churches, are  all evidences that point to the soon coming climatic events which will happen in the Church & to Christians in general (Revelation 3:14-22).

God has a message for us all to adhere to………

Here at TRUEDISCOVERIES.ORG, we are going to take a real & frank look at the Scriptures and discover what the Bible really has to say about His Church and the people in them.

All that we ask, is that you will look at the evidence presented to you & judge the following Scripture facts for yourself, by the evidence presented. We are here to expose the errors which Christendom has adhered to, being bought about from the traditions of men, our fore-fathers & religious teachers. If you are an honest seeker of Bible truth, then you will be glad to give yourself the time to read through all the evidence presented to you, regarding the following messages.

Message to the Churches part I, II & III MUST be read inorder, so that you can understand the big picture on what is going on in these last days of the Church & the World.

We hope that you will carefully consider what is about to be presented to you, as it it Gods great plan to expose what satan has done to try and deceive us by making us  go against God and His Commandments.